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Soccertime at the Bank On---er, Chase Ballpark [Dec. 14th, 2005|03:41 pm]
[mood |excited]
[music |Heard It Through The Grapevine (CCR)]

Tonight I am going to go catch the Mexico Vs. Hungary match at the (formerly known as Bank One Ballpark) Chase Ballpark.

I managed to drag Mikey's ass there! Hooray! I think I am gonna root for Hungary, despite the overwhelming number of Mexicans that are expected to be there.

I even told em' on Bigsoccer.com:

"Hey Mexies! If you wanna hook up at the game, i'll be the one with the Argentina Jersey and Argentina Scarf!"

We'll see if anyone actually spots me at the game! Wooooooo!!! This'll whet my appetite for soccer for a while!

Try spotting me! Maybe the Telemundo (or Univision) cameras will focus on us at some point!
(The game is gonna be on one of those channels, live tonight)

I can already imagine Andres Cantor going "Is that an ARGENTINE fan??? What's HE doing here?"!!
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The Skinny on the Groups. [Dec. 9th, 2005|06:47 pm]
[mood |cheerful]
[music |Gol Gol Gol (El Manicomio De Vargasvil)]

Group A
Costa Rica

For group A, I think Ecuador has a tough battle ahead of em'. This group is not as simple as it appears...
Germany's quality has gone down considerably for years now, although home-court advantage is a factor.
Ideally, i'd like to see Germany and Ecuador qualify here...my experience tells me it will be Germany and Poland, though. I also predict Costa Rica will win at least ONE match, and by a decent margin (a 3-1 or a 4-2) but it won't be enough. Costa Rica doesn't have the consistency they need, if you ask me.

Group B
Trinidad and Tobago

Group of Death #1. This is a TOUGH group to get out of alive; Two of these teams were in 2002's Group of Death!!! England and Sweden have already experienced this feeling before. Paraguay has NEVER been an easy team to defeat in Group Matches, and T&T are going to probably go all out on attack, hoping to make a name for themselves. Just seeing T&T's last 4 matches was evidence to me that they aren't to be taken LIGHTLY.
My hope? Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago. My PREDICTION? England and Paraguay. (on a side note, England's coach, Sven Eriksson is Swedish himself! there's an interesting match for you there!!!)

Group C
Côte d'Ivoire
Serbia and Montenegro

Group of Death #2. God, I hate you sometimes, Fifa. Every tournament, you screw us over!!! Argentina ALWAYS gets the fucked up groups, while Brazil gets insanely easy ones. NOT FAIR, guys!!! Anyhow, giving us one of our main rivals as a STARTER, means we'd best kick ass in our first two matches so we can afford to LOSE against Holland... It's a VERY tough group; Two giants, Africa's top hope (as far as the media says) AND an up and coming Europpean small giant. This one will definitely have its' heartbreak...my hope?
ARRIBA ARGENTINA, CARAJO!!! and Holland. Prediction? The same.

Group D

Insanely predictable and actually kinda boring. Then again, I've never been a Mexico NOR a Portugal fan.
In fact, I find Mexico's supporters to be mostly loud-mouthed and poor sports, AND ungrateful. My prediction? The fans are gonna yawn their asses off, and it'll be Mexico and Portugal. (Unfortunately)
My hope? Iran and Angola. Just to make it INTERESTING...(And to piss off a couple o' Mexies)

Group E
United States
Czech Republic

Group of Death #3. Insane. Ghana has two world YOUTH titles under their belt. The US is an up and coming giant that has been kicking LOTS of ass lately, Italy is an established giant, and the Czech Republic's history in the past 4 years...well, you need only see their ranking to realize they aren't pushovers.
My hope? Italy and USA. My prediction? Gosh, this one is tough to call, but I will flip a coin and say that
with luck, Italy's extremely defensive style will be broken, and it'll be Ghana and the US passing onto round 2.

Group F

Another yawner. Hopefully, a group that'll see Australia lose so I can get revenge for the nasty anti-South American comments i've gotten in the past months from rabid Aussies on Bigsoccer.com. Damn bad sports, those Socceroos. Brazil is gonna mop the floor with everyone as usual, most likely. Prediction AND Hope? Brazil and Japan. Croatia aint no pushover, though. They may pull off a surprise win...

Group G
Korea Republic

Interesting group; Togo has the distinctive honor of defeating Cameroon, and aren't to be taken lightly. They may very well be 2006's "Senegal". France has, (Like Argentina) a vengeance to exact for 2002's disappointing results, Korea doesn't have the ref and home court advantage they had in 2002, but they AREN'T an easy team, either. The Swiss are also a plenty decent team, so overall, it's a group that will be worth watching. Could go ANYWAY. My hope? France and Togo. My Prediction? France and Korea.

Group H
Saudi Arabia

And lastly, another "Brazil" group. Spain's got it plenty easy. This may very well be their year; Spain is "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" team... They may very well have a shot with this nice beginning group.
Hope? Meh, Spain and Ukraine. That's also my prediction.

There you have it. 6 months...
I can hardly wait!

Time to have some fun at Bigsoccer now!
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And it's December! [Dec. 6th, 2005|07:51 pm]
[mood |calm]
[music |Run Through The Jungle (CCR)]

So things are going great at work, I have been moved over to the Ahwatukee district, and will be taking charge of some operations there. I will miss Mesa 296, though.

Relations have been non-existant. 2004 was a pretty rocky year for that, and I decided it's best to take it easy and simply enjoy the things I enjoy. Coaching Mikey kinda took the edge off, heh.

What a mundane person I have become! At least i've got World Cup in my sights! I am really hoping to bring someone with me, though. It just isn't fun alone.

Anyhow, that's my life in a brief manner.
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Sweep Sweep [Nov. 24th, 2004|11:15 am]
Ah. This place hasnt been open for quite awhile.

Blowin' the dust off.

okie dokie. Some update sure to occur sometime.

That is, as soon as I can think of what to write.
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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2003|04:03 pm]
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

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ok, one last update. [Nov. 20th, 2003|10:07 pm]
Congratulations, Jason, for finding my now defunct journal.

I find we have more to talk about.

You will find the answer to your comment, for I intend to give you full explanation now that there isnt anything to hide.

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bye bye, people. [Nov. 9th, 2003|07:20 pm]
[mood |apathetic]
[music |BYE!]

goodbyE, junkhouse!
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Ah Celia...you were such an upbeat human being. [Nov. 8th, 2003|07:51 pm]
[mood |determined]
[music |La vida es un Carnaval (Celia Cruz)]

The world isnt the same without the Queen of Salsa...but before she died she left an upbeat song. (she performed it knowing full well she had little time to live due to a brain tumor!)

La Vida Es un Carnaval
(Celia Cruz)

Todo aquel que piense que la vida es desigual,
tiene que saber que no es asi
que la vida es una hermosura hay que vivirla.
Todo aquel que piense que esta solo y que esta mal
tiene que saber que no es asi
que en la vida no hay nadie solo siempre hay alguien

Ay no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval
es mas bello vivir cantando.
Oh, oh, oh, Ay, no hay que llorar
que la vida es un carnaval
y las penas se van cantando

Todo aquel que piense que la vida siempre es cruel
tiene que saber que no es asi
que tan solo hay momentos malos y todo pasa.
Todo aquel que piense que esto nunca va a cambiar
tiene que saber que no es asi
que al mal tiempo buena cara y todo pasa.

Ay, no hay que llorar que la vida es un carnaval,
es mas bello vivir cantando.
Oh, oh, oh, Ay, no hay que llorar,
que la vida es un carnaval
y las penas se van cantando.
Para aquellos que se quejan tanto!
Para aquellos que solo critican!
Para aquellos que usan las armas!
Para aquellos que nos contaminan!
Para aquellos que hacen la guerra!
Para aquellos que viven pecando!
Para aquellos nos maltratan!
Para aquellos que nos contagian!


All who think that life isnt equal
Need to know that isnt so
That life is beautiful and must be lived.
All who think they are alone and all is bad
Need to know that isnt so
That in life no one is truly alone, theres always someone.

Ay, no need to cry, For life is a carnival
and Its more beautiful to live singing
Oh, oh, oh, Ay, No need to cry,
for life is a carnival
and your sorrows will leave you singing

All who think that life is always cruel,
Need to know that isnt so
that there are merely bad moments, and everything passes on.
all who think that problems will never change
Need to know that isnt so
that you must give bad times your best face, and all will pass.

Ay, no need to cry, for life is a carnival,
and its more beautiful to live singing.
Oh, oh, oh, Ay, no need to cry,
for life is a carnival
and your sorrows will leave you singing.
For those who do nothing but complain!
For those who only criticize!
For those who use weapons!
For those who contaminate us!
For those who make war!
For those who live life sinning!
For those who treat us horribly!
For those who make us sick!

Thank you Celia! you are an ispiration.
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A wonderful end to a wonderful day [Nov. 8th, 2003|05:28 am]
^_^ life is more or less ok.

I need to sleep now.

Whee! tomorrow the day has a chance to be nice!
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How to turn a wonderful day sour -by Eric Gaede [Nov. 7th, 2003|03:32 am]
[mood |melancholy]
[music |Silence.]

Saw Matrix 3. Had a fleeting moment of fun. Now I am on my 'lunch' break at Walmart...and I don't care one way or another if I go back or not. I may just stay home at this rate...

I don't have the mental, emotional or physical strength to do anything else today. I am exhausted entirely.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a happier day. I might as well look forward to a happier day.

Uncle may have been drunk, but boy is he strangely wise when he is...Will, you are a lucky motherfucker after all, despite your situation. you have no idea how much I envy you. We are the same, only you are priviledged to have something to hold on to.

Goodbye world. Keep it up. tomorrow the sun will hopefully shine. I just wish it wasnt wintertime. I prefer not to be melancholic around this season.
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